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Top Choice Argentine in Colón

La Cosquilla del Ángel

Colón’s best restaurant combines elegant, romantic decor and service with a whimsical and unpretentious approach, particularly in the curiously named dishes and the intriguing restaurant name: The Angel’s Tickle. Ma…
Argentine in Colón

El Viejo Almacén

A block from the plaza and offering a quiet, brick-walled interior decorated with old-time photos, this has a wide-ranging menu including great homemade pasta, delicious empanadas, river fish and parrilla options. P…
Argentine in Colón


In a pretty location on a corner of the plaza, you'll get painfully slow service here, but the food is pretty tasty. Options range from rectangular pizzas served on a wooden spatula to succulent parrilla and river f…
Deli in Colón

El Sótano de los Quesos

This intriguing spot serves artisanal cheeses and other delicacies at pretty thatched tables on a lawn overlooking the port. There’s also locally made wine and beer, and a cellar shop whose aromas will almost compel…
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With outdoor seating wrapping round a corner of the Plaza San Martín, this offers classy licuados, salads and lomitos to keep the snackers in business, and more substantial meals with decent wine selections. Good tr…
Argentine in Colón

Restaurant del Puerto

In a lovely old building near the river, this restaurant does tasty evening meals with good service and plenty of imaginative river-fish dishes. It's good for a lighter dinner, with plenty of salad vegetables and fr…
Argentine in Colón

La Cantina

Just off the plaza, this likable family-run restaurant does a nice line in uncomplicated and filling fare, with sizable chicken and beef dishes alongside tasty homemade pasta and river-fish options, including surubí…
Arts & Crafts in Colón

La Casona

On the corner of the plaza, this cooperative sells a wide range of handmade goods.
Handicrafts in Colón

Fiesta Nacional de la Artesanía

This crafts fair in February in Parque Quirós features high-standard live folkloric entertainment.