Tourist Information in Puerto San Julián

Dirección de Turismo

This main office is located in the bus terminal, and has friendly service. A summer-only office at the rotunda (RN 3; open 7am to 6pm from December to February) is useful if you're traveling by car but not by bus, a…
Tourist Information in Puerto Madryn

Tourist Office

Has helpful and efficient staff, and there’s usually an English or French speaker on duty. Check the libro de reclamos (complaint book) for traveler tips. There’s another helpful desk at the bus terminal (open 7am t…
Tourist Information in Trelew

Tourist Office

Helpful and well stocked, with some English-speaking staff. Free city bike tours and walking tours are organized through the office (in Spanish) and start at 10am, Monday through Friday; reserve one day ahead.
Tourist Information in Puerto Deseado

Dirección Municipal de Turismo

Helpful with maps; there’s another English-speaking desk at the bus terminal, but its hours are limited. See their Facebook page for events.
Travel Agency in Puerto Madryn

Argentina Vision

The only tour agency in Puerto Madryn that handles visits to Estancia San Lorenzo and its penguin colony on Península Valdés.
Travel Agency in Puerto Madryn

Flamenco Tour

Offerings range from the standard whale-watching and snorkeling trips to stargazing 4WD journeys along the coast (telescopes and bilingual instruction included).
Tourist Information in Gaiman

Tourist Office

Ask here for a map and guided tours of historic houses. It has more information on its Facebook page (Gaiman Turismo). There's free wi-fi for visitors.
Tourist Information in Río Gallegos

Municipal Tourist Office

Helpful tourist office outside the downtown area.A desk at the bus terminal keeps sporadic hours.
Tourist Information in Área Natural Protegida Punta Tombo

Centro Tombo

An interpretive visitor center with cafe service; it's the departure point for shuttles to the rookery.
Bank in Puerto Pirámides

Banco del Chubut

One of Argentina's LINK-system banks, which usually require pre-authorization from foreign bank cards.