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$35.83 Day Trips & Excursions

Calchaquí Valley, Cachi, Payogasta Tour from Salta

Your day trip begins with hotel pickup in Salta. Settle into your seat for the 5- to 6.5-hour drive through the stunning scenery of the Calchaquí Valley and listen to your guide's informative commentary en route to Cachi. (Drive time varies depending on the weather and how long you spend at the various stops along the way). Start by heading south through the Lerma Valley, past the towns of El Carril and Chicoana. After a 20-minute photo op at Puente Malcante (Malcante Bridge), continue along Route 33 through two gorges — Quebrada de los Laureles and Quebrada de Escoipe — where you’ll stop at a mirador (viewpoint) for another look with your guide. Stop again at Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop’s Slope), a viewpoint on a curvy road with panoramic vistas of the corn fields and fruit trees of the Enchanted Valley, before reaching Piedra del Molino (Millstone), a rock landmark 11,100 feet (3,384 meters) above sea level — your highest point on the trip. Enjoy another 20- to 30-minute break to soak up the spectacular mountain views, and then continue to a point overlooking the Nevado de Cachi, a range of snowcapped mountains. In the town of Payogasta you have a 1-hour break to enjoy lunch at a local restaurant (own expense) or eat your packed lunch if you brought one with you. Finally, arrive in the village of Cachi, where you have one hour of free time to explore the village at your leisure. Admire its historical architecture, from the whitewashed adobe homes to the 16th-century church, a National Historic Monument, and visit the Archeological Museum (Museo Arqueológico) to see its collection of artifacts from this region, some dating back 10,000 years (optional; entrance at own expense). Afterward, meet up with your guide for the return drive to Salta. The approximate 3.5- to 4-hour route takes you through Los Cardones National Park (Parque Nacional Los Cardones), which you’ll cross via the Recta del Tin Tin, a 7.5-mile (12-km) stretch of straight road, whose exact origins are unknown. Many believe that the Incas built the original thoroughfare, which lies at an elevation of 9,800 feet (3,000 meters), using a series of fires to create the alignment. Stop for about 20 minutes, and then continue back to Salta, where your day trip ends with hotel drop-off.

$180 Walking & Biking Tours

TREKK Cuesta del Obispo

A day of adventure begins This trip departs from the city of Salta to the south, passing through the town of Cerrillos, El Carril and then turn west towards Chicoana, through the jungle environment of the Yungas and after a few kilometers of ascent, is enters the Quebrada de Escoipe, where cactus, cacti, carob trees and a landscape of red rocks and crops are multicolored. An experience with a local bus line After about 2 hours of transfer, the vehicle is left in a place named Margarita and the group take a local bus line, which is used by locals to move around different places and tourists traveling independently to Cachi. This bus will take the group about 20 kilometers up to the entrance to the National Park and from where the trek begins. Technical details Departure Time: Every day at 7:00 am. (pickup at you place) Duration: Full Day. 11 hours approx. (Transfer + trekk) Walking Time: Between 4 and 6 hours (The duration varies according to group level). Walking distance: 17,4 km. aprox.  Positive Elevation gain: +632 meters. Negative elevation: -1590 meters. Difficulty: Moderate / Hard, people can participate, with good physically fit and technical skill to walk in narrow trails. Region: Cuesta del Obispo / Quebrada de Escoipe / Cordillera Oriental o Precordillera. Include: Transfers, Trekking Sticks, Snacks, Lunch (picnic), bilingual guide, Insurance. Price: See the Tours Price List What to Bring. Mandatory Equipment Trekking shoes with socks (with good tread, may not be smooth soles); Long trousers (preferably demountable); 1 warm jacket (even in summer); Backpack 30 lts minimum must contain: 2 liters of water, 1 windbreak, insect repellent for summer days, sunscreen; Hat and sunglasses;

$400 Tours & Sightseeing

El Torreón Expedition

First day, getting to Cuesta del ObispoDeparting Salta towards the South, we will cross little villages such as Cerrillos and El Carril before turning west towards Chicoana. This is where the yungas (high altitude rainforests) start to be dominant as we climb and reach the Escoipe gorge, where giant cacti, carob trees, red and rocky landscapes and multicolor crops are found. Before finishing climbing the Cuesta del Obispo, we will cross the Valle Encantado (Enchanted Valley) and delight ourselves with some of the best views in the tour. Once we leave it behind, we will get off the vehicle and prepare the gear before walking to the shelter (la Sala).First activity: Hiking to the Condor viewpointOur walk through old Inca roads allows us to get a real feel of the immensity of the area as we gain altitude and is a perfect place for enjoying the views of the Calchaquí Valley and the pre Andes. After a couple of hours, a small snack with tea or coffee is served next to some wonderfully preserved Inca ruins. This is a perfect spot to see enormous rock formations from above.As we continue walking, we arrive at the Condor viewpoint, a 3000 meters above sea level plain covered with meadows and seasonal flowers, a beautiful view during summer days. This is an important place for the condor and, if we are lucky, we may even see some flying above our heads. We will enjoy a picnic here before starting our descent.As we walk down in the middle of the mountains, we will visit some cave paintings of huge archaeological value. After around an hour, we will arrive in the shelter again where a typical Argentinian asado will be waiting for us; the perfect banquet under the stars in an old colonial house in the mountains. Day two: Climbing the Torreón MountainOur second morning begins with a typical ‘criollo’ breakfast before we start climbing the Torreón hill in between clouds and condors, where we can enjoy the view of the Cuesta del Obispo like nowhere else as we move up. After a small snack to recover strength, we will head for the top at 3600 meters above sea level. Once we reach this point, we will feel the air in our faces, the peace of standing above the clouds and embracing the immensity with our senses. After our time at the top, we will descend to the shelter for the final lunch before returning to Salta. IMPORTANTThe mountain shelter referred as ‘La Sala’ is an old house which was practically abandoned and is in the process of being restored. It does not have running water and the rooms, toilet and living room are precarious. The idea of using this house is to experience the locals way of living.

$107 Tours & Sightseeing

Full Day Tour to Cafayate and Half Day Horseback Ride

DAY 1°: FULL DAY TOUR TO CAFAYATE: Following pickup at your hotel in Salta, begin this 12-hour tour by traveling in a minibus south along Provincial Route 68 through the Valley of Lerma including Cerrillos, La Merced, El Carril, Coronel Moldes, and La Viña. As the agricultural landscape unfolds, enjoy views of tobacco fields and stop to watch the traditional processing of this important crop using modern facilities and traditional clay chimneys. The tour continues through Alemania town with its distinctive red mountains and natural rock formations including The Devil´s Throat, The Amphitheater, House of the Parrots, Castles, Titanic, The Windows, The Obelisk, and The Friar. Finally, in Cafayate town, visit wineries to taste wine and learn some of the secrets of Salta´s wine making legacy including the world-famous torrontes grape variety.After lunch (additional cost), head back to your hotel in Salta via Route 68 as evening light transforms the landscape you enjoyed in the morning. DAY 2°: HALF DAY HORSEBACK RIDE WITH LUNCH: Half Day Horseback Riding (approximately 3 Hs). This is the best option for beginners. Safe routes Visit the traditional village of Chicoana, you can cross rivers and tobacco plantations where you can see the process of cultivation. Generally the lunch consists of roast (roasted meats) and a great variety of salads. Regional red wine (recommended). Ask us about alternative menus, for example the vegetarian that includes roasted vegetables, a wide variety of salads, pastas, etc.

$48.85 Day Trips & Excursions

Cachi, Laurel Gorge, Escoipe Gorge, Los Cardones National Park

Start your tour with a pickup from your centrally located Salta hotel at approximately 7:30am. Then, make your way to the Lerma Valley, traveling until you pass through El Carril. Once you pass through El Carril, you will continue on to Chicoana. Then, enter the Quebrada de los Laureles, also known as The Laurel's Gorge. Next, head to the Quebrada de Escoipe, the Escoipe Gorge. Finally, arrive at the Maray entering The Bishop's Cliff road and travel its abundant curves, enjoying a panoramic view of the Enchanted Valley along the way. Once you reach Piedra del Molino, The Mill's Stone, you will have reached 3384 meters above sea level.  Later, Los Candones National Park will be crossed by the straight line of Tin Tin, the ancient road built by Incas. Arrive in Cachi at least and take in the widespread views of the Nevado de Cachi and Payogasta. Make your way into the town to visit the Archaeological Museum and Church. End the tour upon returning back to your Salta accommodations.