Bus in Chilecito

Buses to Villa Unión

There are three daily buses from Chilecito to Villa Unión, from where you can access Parque Nacional Talampaya. It's a scenic ride that takes nearly three hours and traverses the spectacular Miranda Pass.
Bus Station in La Rioja

Bus Terminal

La Rioja’s bus terminal is an interesting, modern building 3km south from the center of town.
Bus Station in La Rioja

Minibus Terminal

Minibus departures to Catamarca, Tucumán and other regional destinations.
Bus Station in Catamarca

Bus Terminal

Catamarca’s spruce bus terminal includes a shopping complex and cinema.
Airline in La Rioja

Aerolíneas Argentinas

Flies six times weekly to and from Buenos Aires.
Bus Station in Chilecito

Chilecito Bus Terminal

Located 1.5km south of Chilecito’s center.
Airport in La Rioja

Aeropuerto Vicente Almonacid

Lies 7km east of La Rioja on RP 5.
Airline in Catamarca

Aerolíneas Argentinas

Airport in Catamarca

Aeropuerto Felipe Varela

Bus Station in Belén

Bus Terminal