Capilla del Monte has a clutch of great dining options, including a real gastronomic find at the heart of town and one of the region's best restaurants a taxi ride away.

Drinking & Nightlife

Don't expect hopping nightlife but if you want to chill out over drinks, Capilla del Monte has plenty of cafes and bars in which to do so.


From hostels to midrange hotels to boutique hideaways, Capilla del Monte has it all.


Feature: Extraterrestrial Action

It’s not just the freaks and hippies. Even normal-looking people in Capilla del Monte have stories about strange lights appearing in formation in the night skies over nearby Cerro Uritorco. The stories go way back too. In 1935 Manuel Reina reported seeing a strange being dressed in a tight-fitting suit while he was out walking on a country road. In 1986 Gabriel and Esperanza Gómez apparently saw a spaceship so big that its lights illuminated the surrounding countryside. The next day a burn mark measuring 122m by 64m was found at the point where it had reportedly landed.

A couple of years later, 300 people were said to have witnessed another ship, which left a burn mark 42m in diameter. And in 1991, another burn mark was found. This one measured 12m in diameter, with an estimated temperature of 340°C (644°F). Geologists were called in and they claimed that nearby rocks had recently been heated to a temperature of 3000°C (5432°F).

Why all this activity around Capilla del Monte? This is where it gets really weird. One theory is that UFOs visit the area because Cerro Uritorco is where the knight Parsifal brought the Holy Grail and the Templar Cross at the end of the 12th century. He did this to lay them beside the Cane of Order, which had been made 8000 years before by Lord Voltán of the Comechingones, the indigenous tribe that inhabited this region.

Another theory is that they are drawn here because underneath Uritorco lies Erks, a subterranean city in which, according to ‘hermetic scientists,’ the future regeneration of the human species will take place. Inside you’ll find the Esfera Temple and the three mirrors used to exchange data with other galaxies, and where you can see the details of the life of every human being.

The official explanation? Good ol’ meteorological phenomena, caused by supercharged ion particles in the atmosphere, mixed in with a healthy touch of mass hysteria.

Whatever you believe, one thing’s for sure – all this hype isn’t hurting little Capilla del Monte’s tourist industry one bit. Until recently, the only people climbing Uritorco were goatherds and a few interested townsfolk. These days, numbers can approach 1000 per day, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious lights.