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Top Choice Cultural Center in The Center

Centro Cultural Kirchner

It was Néstor Kirchner who, in 2005, first proposed turning the abandoned former central post office into a cultural center. He died in 2010 before the project was completed, but the breathtaking cultural center was…
Top Choice Notable Building in The Center

Casa Rosada

On the eastern side of Plaza de Mayo stands the Casa Rosada (Pink House), named for its distinctive color. It was from the balcony here that Eva Perón famously addressed the throngs of impassioned supporters packed …
Top Choice Plaza in The Center

Plaza de Mayo

Surrounded by the Casa Rosada, the Cabildo and the city’s main cathedral, Plaza de Mayo is the place where Argentines gather in vehement protest or jubilant celebration. At the center is the Pirámide de Mayo, a whit…
Top Choice Tango in The Center

Centro Cultural Borges

This excellent cultural center has many quality offerings, including recommended, reasonably priced tango shows several times per week. Bien de Tango, on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm, is especially good and com…
Notable Building in The Center

Manzana de las Luces

In colonial times, the Manzana de las Luces was Buenos Aires’ most important center of culture and learning and today the block still symbolizes education and enlightenment. Two of the five original buildings remain…
Dance in The Center

Tango BA Festival y Mundial

Masterful tango performances, tango movies, classes, workshops, conferences and competitions in venues all over Buenos Aires. The final of the mundial (tango world cup) is held at Luna Park.
Notable Building in The Center

Galerías Pacífico

Covering an entire city block, this beautiful building inspired by Le Bon Marché in Paris has fulfilled the commercial purpose that its designers envisioned when they constructed it in 1889. Galerías Pacífico is now…
Cathedral in The Center

Catedral Metropolitana

This cathedral was built on the site of the original colonial church and not finished until 1827. It’s a significant religious and architectural landmark, and carved above its triangular facade and neoclassical colu…
Museum in The Center

Museo Casa Rosada

Behind the Casa Rosada you’ll notice a glass wedge that's the roof of this bright and airy museum, housed within the brick vaults of the old aduana (customs house). Head down into the open space, which has over a do…
Museum in The Center


This mid-18th-century town hall building is now an interesting museum largely dedicated to the revolution of May 1810, when Argentina declared independence. Exhibits cover the history of the Cabildo during colonial …