Top Choice Books in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

El Ateneo Grand Splendid

This glorious bookstore in a converted theater continues to flourish in the age of the Kindle. The Grand Splendid theater opened in 1919 and was converted into a bookstore in 2000. Most of the seating was replaced w…
Shoes in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Comme Il Faut

If you're looking for quality tango shoes, this is the place to come. Not only are these shoes designed to withstand hours of dancing at the milonga, they're also beautiful to look at.
Market in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Feria Artesenal Plaza Francia

Recoleta’s popular artisan fair has dozens of booths and a range of creative, homemade goods. Hippies, mimes and tourists mingle. It’s at its biggest on weekends, though there are usually a few stalls open during th…
Arts & Crafts in Recoleta & Barrio Norte


For unique, fun and handmade Argentine items, explore the corners of this tiny boutique. The stock is ever-changing, but can include such things as ceramic bowls and painted mugs, colorful jewelry in super-creative …
Mall in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Galería Bond Street

For the edgiest tattoos and piercings in town, you can’t beat this grungy mall. BA's skateboarder-wannabes, along with their punk-rock counterparts, also come here to shop for the latest styles, sounds and bongs. Ex…
Perfume in Recoleta & Barrio Norte


On Recoleta's most cheto (posh) avenue you'll find this suitably upmarket perfumery selling a large selection of in-house scents and candles. Pop in to smell the latest creations.
Fashion & Accessories in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Gabriella Capucci

While not for everyone, this girly boutique is certainly unlike the more stuffy boutiques on this upscale avenue. Check out the unique sequined T-shirts, creative handbags, wispy scarves, vintage tops and eclectic r…
Mall in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Patio Bullrich

Buenos Aires’ most exclusive shopping center once hosted livestock auctions, but these days it tends toward sales of Persian rugs, double-breasted tweed suits and Dior’s latest designs. Three floors hold fine boutiq…
Mall in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Galería 5ta Avenida

Looking for vintage or secondhand clothing? This old shopping gallery is an obligatory stop. Used retro wearables are sold here at several shops, and prices are relatively fair for even the most hard-up backpacker. …
Mall in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Buenos Aires Design

Fashionable home furnishing, appliances and housewares can be found under one roof here. This is the ideal place to look for that snazzy light fixture, streamlined toilet or reproduction Asian chair, as well as cute…