Top Choice French in Recoleta & Barrio Norte


Afternoon tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel's beautiful, flower-filled Orangerie is a classic Recoleta experience for a special occasion. The formal tea, served from 4:30pm (from 5pm on Sunday), offers an endless array…
Top Choice Argentine in Recoleta & Barrio Norte


If you’re looking to splurge on a night out, Elena should be your destination. Located at the Four Seasons Hotel, this highly rated restaurant uses the best-quality ingredients to create exquisite dishes. Order its …
Top Choice Argentine in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

El Sanjuanino

This long-running, cozy little joint has some of the cheapest food in Recoleta, attracting both penny-pinching locals and thrifty tourists. Order spicy empanadas, tamales or locro (a spicy stew of maize, beans, beef…
Argentine in Recoleta & Barrio Norte


To sample Argentina’s regional cuisine, check out this colorful, budget-friendly eatery with huge picture windows and an old-fashioned adobe oven. Cumaná specializes in delicious cazuelas – stick-to-your-ribs stews …
International in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Casa Saltshaker

Ex–New Yorker Dan Perlman is the chef behind this respected place, which is a puerta cerrada (closed-door restaurant) in his own home. You'll need to book ahead, arrive at an appointed hour and sit at a communal tab…
Argentine in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Como en Casa

This gorgeous, upscale cafe-restaurant has a very elegant atmosphere and attracts Recoleta’s wealthiest. Its best feature is the shady patio, complete with large fountain and surrounded by grand buildings, great on …
Argentine in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Rodi Bar

A great option for well-priced, unpretentious food in upscale Recoleta. This traditional neighborhood restaurant with a fine old-world atmosphere and extensive menu offers something for everyone, from inexpensive co…
Ice Cream in Recoleta & Barrio Norte


With 11 branches around the city, Persicco is many porteños' ice-cream vendor of choice. The selection of flavors will leave you spoilt for choice – take our advice and order the dulce de leche (caramel).
Spanish in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

El Burladero

Treat yourself to an upscale meal in Recoleta at this excellent Spanish restaurant. The menu changes seasonally, but will usually include a paella dish and perhaps marinated rabbit, black hake fish or lamb with mush…
Ice Cream in Recoleta & Barrio Norte

Un Altra Volta

Sample Argentina's fabulous Italian-style gelato at this upmarket ice-cream parlor. The sambayón (made with egg yolks, milk, cream, sugar and Marsala wine) is particularly good here.