Top Events

Feria Masticar, May

Tango BA Festival y Mundial, August

Vinos y Bodegas, September

La Noche de los Museos, October

Campeonato Abierto Argentino de Polo, December


It's hot and humid, with average temperatures of 25°C. The city empties as porteños head to the beach.


It's still summer, but vacationing porteños start to return home. There are plenty of tourists in the city, some passing through on their way to or from Patagonia.

Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Four days of clothing stalls and catwalk action ( show off the city’s latest threads and their makers. It takes place at Palermo’s La Rural in February (fall/winter collections) and August (spring/summer collections). Expect plenty of beautiful people – including models, of course.


Usually occurring in late February, BA's Carnaval is a small affair compared to Rio’s or Bahia’s, but it's still lots of fun. Catch some murga groups (traditional Carnaval ensembles), with dancing and drumming in different neighborhoods around the city.

Chinese New Year

Yes, Buenos Aires has a Chinatown, but it's only about four blocks long – on Arribeños street in Belgrano. During Chinese New Year, expect plenty of food, firecrackers and festivities. Dates vary depending on the lunar calendar.


It's late summer in the city and the heat is begining to subside.


It's fall in BA, and one of the best times to visit – but always be prepared for a downpour. There are still plenty of activities as the city heads into low season.

Feria Del Libro

BA's annual book fair ( attracts tens of thousands of book lovers for three weeks in April and May. Famous authors do readings and sign books, while publishers hawk their wares. Look for it at La Rural.

Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente

This independent film festival ( highlights national and international films, with awards given out in separate categories. Over 100 films are screened, with a main venue being the Abasto shopping mall.


Late autumn has hit and it's pleasantly cool as the rains die back a bit. Look for travel deals as low season starts in earnest.

Arte BA

Arte BA features exhibitions from hundreds of art galleries, dealers, institutions and organizations, with both national and international contemporary art on display. Conferences, presentations and discussions make the rounds, while young new artists get exposure.

Feria Masticar

Chefs from the city's top restaurants gather in Colegiales for this four-day food fair. Small sampling plates are available, as well as cooking demonstrations and classes.


The air is crisp, but when the sun is out it can feel warm.


It's mid-winter, so bring warm layers and be prepared to use them. Locals who can afford it head to the ski slopes down south.

Exposiciòn de Ganaderìa, Agricultura e Industria Internacional (La Rural)

The mother of all livestock fairs, where prize cows, sheep, goats, horses and – especially – bulls, all strut their stuff. Gaucho shows provide entertainment. It takes place for two weeks in late July at Palermo’s La Rural.


It's still cold, so keep those layers on, but it's also a great time to explore the city's theaters, museums and art galleries.

Tango BA Festival y Mundial

Taking place in mid-August, this two-week-long tango festival offers a great way to see some of the country’s best tango dancers and musicians do their thing. Plenty of competitions, classes and workshops take place.


Spring has sprung and it's a lovely time to be in BA. Polo season begins and the tourists start returning.

Vinos y Bodegas

A can’t-miss event for wine aficionados, with vintages from dozens of Argentine bodegas (wineries). Mix with thousands of sommeliers, restaurateurs, journalists and general wine lovers at Palermo’s La Rural. Expect cooking demonstrations and live music, too.


The weather is getting warmer but it's not too hot – really, the best time to be in the city.

La Noche de los Museos

On one night in late October over a hundred museums, galleries and cultural spaces open their doors for free from 8pm to around 3am. There are guided tours, special shows, music festivities and even free buses that whisk visitors between the venues (

Festival Buenos Aires Danza Conteporànea

Contemporary dance gets four days to shine in Buenos Aires at this biennial celebration ( held every even-numbered year, with productions by Argentine choreographers and dancers and including some international guest artists. Performances, seminars and workshops take place in the city’s cultural centers and theaters.

Maratón de Buenos Aires

In October long-distance runners can go the whole 42km, passing many of BA’s famous landmarks and neighborhoods along the way.

Casa Foa

This is the city’s top-notch architecture, design and landscape fair (, which runs from October through November and showcases local and international trends. Each year a different dilapidated location is picked and rehabbed into an amazing venue.


It's pretty darn near perfect weather in BA, and the jacaranda trees are showing off their gorgeous purple blooms. High season has arrived, so reserve your accommodations ahead.

Día de la Tradición

The closest thing to authentic gaucho culture you’ll probably ever witness, with traditional foods, feats of horsemanship, and folk music and dancing. It happens in San Antonio de Areco, a day trip from BA; call the Areco tourist office for exact dates, which vary yearly.

Gran Premio Nacional

In mid-November the country’s biggest horse race takes place in Palermo’s opulent and French-styled hipódromo. First held in 1884, this is a fine event that not only attracts the well-to-do and celebrity-watchers, but regular families as well. Watch for the granaderos (presidential horseback guards) in their impressive outfits, marching around for the crowds.

Marcha del Orgullo Gay

Each year on the first Saturday in November, thousands of BA’s gays, lesbians, transgenders and more strut their way through the city's center at the city's gay pride march.

Buenos Aires Jazz

This jazz festival ( takes place over five days in venues all over the city. Jazz musicians of all kinds are featured – emerging and established, avant-garde and traditional, national and international. Concerts and films also take place.

Queer Tango Festival

The week-long gay tango festival ( involves tango classes and milongas held at various venues around the city culimating in a closing party.


Summer in BA means hot and humid temperatures. There's still plenty going on in the city, however.

Campeonato Abierto Argentino de Pato

In this game, steeped in gaucho culture, a leather-covered ball (originally a dead duck) is the center of attention. It's like rugby on horseback. For details, contact the Federación Argentina de Pato (

Campeonato Abierto Argentino de Polo

Argentina boasts the world’s best polo, and the Abierto is the world’s premier polo event. It takes place at Palermo’s Campo Argentino de Polo. For exact dates and details, contact the Asociación Argentina de Polo (