Buenos Aires entertainment

Top Choice Stadium in La Boca

La Bombonera Stadium

Seeing Boca Juniors play at La Bombonera is one of the world's top spectator sports experiences, especially if the game happens to be the 'superclasico' derby match against River. Tickets are hard to come by – it's …
Top Choice Milonga in South of Palermo

La Catedral

This grungy warehouse space is very casual, with unusual art on the walls, thrift-store furniture, dim, atmospheric lighting and the occasional cat wandering among the tables. It’s very bohemian and there’s no impli…
Top Choice Tango in The Center

Centro Cultural Borges

This excellent cultural center has many quality offerings, including reasonably priced tango shows several times per week. Bien de Tango, on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm, is especially good and comparable to ot…
Top Choice Live Music in South of Palermo

La Bomba de Tiempo

One of BA’s most unusual events takes place every Monday when the long-running percussion group La Bomba de Tiempo plays at Ciudad Cultural Konex. You'll find it impossible not to dance to the rhythms when the drumm…
Tango in San Telmo

Maldita Milonga

Maldita Milonga, held on Wednesday at Buenos Ayres Club, is a well-run and popular event, and one of the best places to see tango being danced by real couples. The highlight of the night is when the dynamic orchestr…
Tango in San Telmo

Tango Queer

On Tuesday night at Buenos Ayres Club, anyone can dance with anyone, leading or following as they choose, at this excellent gay tango class and milonga.
Tango in Congreso & Tribunales

Café de los Angelitos

Originally called Bar Rivadavia, this cafe was once the haunt of poets, musicians and even criminals, which is why a police commissioner jokingly called it los angelitos (the angels) in the early 1900s. As well as b…
Horse Racing in Palermo

Hipódromo Argentino

Even if you’re not usually a fan, a few hours at the races in the glamorous grandstand of the historic Hipódromo Argentino is a fabulous afternoon outing (with first-rate people-watching, to boot). The big race of t…
Tango in Palermo

La Viruta

Popular basement venue. Good beginner tango classes are available before the milongas – translating into many inexperienced dancers on the floor earlier on – so if you’re an expert get here late (after 2am). Music c…
Tango in South of Palermo

Esquina Carlos Gardel

One of the fanciest tango shows in town plays at this impressive 430-seat theater right next to the lovely Mercado de Abasto shopping mall. This fine show highlights passionate, top-notch musicians and performers in…