Tango in Congreso & Tribunales

Café de los Angelitos

Originally called Bar Rivadavia, this cafe was once the haunt of poets, musicians and even criminals, which is why a police commissioner jokingly called it los angelitos (the angels) in the early 1900s. As well as b…
Tango in Congreso & Tribunales

El Beso

This small, intimate dance salon hosts various different milongas; the most popular is Milonga Cachirulo on Tuesdays from 9pm to 5am. The Cachirulo attracts some very good dancers – you should be confident of your s…
Arts Center in Congreso & Tribunales

Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas

Part of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), this exceptionally good cultural center has a wide range of affordable classes (in Spanish), including in dance, music, photography, theater and film, as well as langua…
Tango in Congreso & Tribunales

Tango Porteño

Staged in a renovated art-deco theater, this tango show features snippets of old footage interspersed with plenty of athletic (and at times sensual) dancing. There’s an interesting blindfold number and the orchestra…
Theater in Congreso & Tribunales

Teatro San Martín

Now reopened after extensive renovations, this major venue has several auditoriums (the largest seats over 1000 people) and showcases international cinema, theater, dance and classical music, covering conventional a…
Theater in Congreso & Tribunales

Teatro Paseo la Plaza

Located in a small and pleasant outdoor shopping mall, this complex features several theater halls that run both classic and contemporary productions, including tango, theater and comedy.
Theater in Congreso & Tribunales

Teatro Presidente Alvear

Inaugurated in 1942 and named after an Argentine president whose wife sang opera, this theater holds over 850 people and shows many musical productions, including ballet. Occasional free shows are on offer. At resea…
Flamenco in Congreso & Tribunales

Ávila Bar

Offering flamenco for many years now is this cozy little Spanish restaurant with good traditional food. Main dishes (or tapas) can include rabbit, paella and seafood stews. Flamenco shows start around 10:30pm and re…
Classical Music in Congreso & Tribunales

Teatro Avenida

This historic theater dating from 1908 originally staged mostly Spanish plays, including Federico Garcia Lorca's Bodas de Sangre in 1933. Today the Avenida's biggest strength is opera, particularly productions by th…
Cinema in Congreso & Tribunales


Often shows retrospectives, documentaries, foreign film cycles and art-house movies.