Top Choice Tango in The Center

Centro Cultural Borges

This excellent cultural center has many quality offerings, including recommended, reasonably priced tango shows several times per week. Bien de Tango, on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm, is especially good and com…
Tango in The Center

Piazzolla Tango

This beautiful art-nouveau theater, just off pedestrian Calle Florida, used to be a red-light cabaret venue. The show here is based on the music of Ástor Piazzolla, a bandoneón (small accordian) player and composer …
Tango in The Center

Patio de Tango

This wonderfully atmospheric milonga takes place in the outdoor patio and surrounding salons of the historic Manzana de las Luces, one of the city's oldest buildings. There's no entrance fee but you may wish to cont…
Tango in The Center

El Querandí

This large corner venue is also an upscale restaurant. The show follows tango's evolution from its bordello origins to cabaret influences to milongas and modernism. There’s more low-key dancing than at other shows –…
Theater in The Center

Teatro Opera Allianz

This classic theater with an art-deco exterior offers nearly 2000 seats and has performances that range from piano recitals to rock concerts to tango and ballet. It served many years as a cinema, later becoming a li…
Stadium in The Center

Luna Park

Originally a boxing stadium, this huge venue has a capacity of 15,000 and is the fateful location where Juan Perón met Eva Duarte (aka Evita), and where Maradona got married.
Theater in The Center

Teatro Gran Rex

A huge theater seating 3300, this place hosts myriad national and international musical productions, from Cyndi Lauper to Kenny G to Björk.
Tango in The Center

Academia Nacional del Tango

Hosts milongas and tango concerts; check the Facebook page for details.
Cultural Center in The Center

Instituto Goethe

German cultural center offering language classes and film screenings.
Spectator Sport in The Center

Federación Argentina de Pato

The administrative office of the Argentinian Pato association can provide information on where to see Pato, a game played on horseback that combines elements of polo and basketball.