Top Choice Parrilla in Bariloche

La Parilla de Julián

This friendly, family-run parilla (steak restaurant) is a long-standing local favorite and one of the few places open on Sunday. Waiters bustle about, bearing beautifully grilled cuts of beef, cordero patagónico (sp…
Top Choice Fusion in Bariloche


A chandelier gently spins, casting soft shadows on the rough stone walls. A fire gently crackles in the fireplace and an almost reverential hush reigns as diners tuck into the seven-course tasting menu that changes …
Top Choice Parrilla in Bariloche

Alto El Fuego

The most frequently recommended parrilla (steak restaurant) in town, featuring the killer combination of great cuts of expertly seared meat and a well-chosen wine list. It's a small place – if you're coming for dinn…
Top Choice Ice Cream in Bariloche

Helados Jauja

Ask Bariloche residents who serves the best ice cream in Bariloche and most will reply with one word: ‘Jauja.’ Of the 60 or so flavors, there are usually a couple dozen in rotation at any given time.
Parrilla in Bariloche


The tantalizing aromas of a wood fire and grilled meat waft down the street, enticing you into this diminutive parrilla – one of Bariloche's best. The menu is succinct in the extreme: choose from spit-roasted lamb, …
Steak in Bariloche

Don Molina

Upholstered in cow hide, this large brick hall is the favorite gathering place of the carnivorously inclined. Opt for the house specialty of cordero al palo (spit-roasted lamb) or a slab of juicy steak (half-portion…
German in Bariloche

La Casita

This snug restaurant puts a German spin on dishes crafted from local ingredients, so expect the likes of smoked pork chop with chukrut (sauerkraut), hearty goulash with spätzle and venison casserole. Bring a friend …
Ice Cream in Bariloche

Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui wears many hats and we love all of them. It's simultaneously a chocolate shop, an ice-cream parlor (with some of the best ice cream in Bariloche) and a bright and airy cafe. And if that weren't enough, ther…
Argentine in Bariloche

La Marmite

A trusty choice for Patagonian standards such as trout and venison. But it's the fondues that set La Marmite apart from the other places in Bariloche, including the decadent chocolate fondue (AR$620 for two), just i…
Argentine in Bariloche

La Fonda del Tio

No nonsense here – just big servings of homemade pastas and raviolis, along with a carefully chosen wine list.