At the main local bus stop, Codao del Sur and Ómnibus 3 de Mayo run hourly buses to Cerro Catedral. Codao uses Av de los Pioneros, while 3 de Mayo takes Av Bustillo.

From 6am to midnight, municipal bus 20 leaves the main bus stop every 20 minutes for the attractive lakeside settlements of Llao Llao and Puerto Pañuelo. Bus 10 goes to Colonia Suiza 14 times daily. During summer three of these, at 8:05am, noon and 5:40pm, continue to Puerto Pañuelo, allowing you to do most of the Circuito Chico using public transportation. Departure times from Puerto Pañuelo back to Bariloche via Colonia Suiza are 9:40am, 1:40pm and 6:40pm. You can also walk any section and flag down buses en route.

Ómnibus 3 de Mayo buses 50 and 51 go to Lago Gutiérrez every 30 minutes, while in summer the company’s Línea Mascardi goes to Villa Mascardi/Los Rápidos three times daily. Ómnibus 3 de Mayo’s Línea El Manso goes twice on Friday to Río Villegas and El Manso, on the southwestern border of Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi.

Buses 70, 71 and 83 stop at the main bus stop, connecting downtown with the bus terminal.

Practical Tip: Bariloche Bus Cards

Bariloche’s local buses work with Sube magnetic cards (www.sube.gob.ar), available from kiosks at Av Bartolomé Mitre 91 and Moreno 480, and Moreno 69 and Morales 501, respectively. You can also pick up handy horarios (schedules) for all destinations from the bus terminal. Cards cost AR$60 (recharged with as much credit as you want). For most routes a ride will cost AR$19, with AR$42 being the highest fare. Some hostels loan cards to guests on payment of a deposit.

Car & Motorcycle

Bariloche is loaded with the standard car-rental agencies and is one of the cheapest places to rent vehicles in the country. Prices vary greatly depending on season and demand, but usually come in around AR$700 per day, with unlimited mileage.





A taxi from the bus terminal to the center of town costs around AR$90. Taxis to the airport cost around AR$280 to AR$300 and within town generally don’t go over the AR$50 mark.