Top things to do in Angastaco

Top Choice Natural Feature in Angastaco

Angastaco Natural Monument

Just south of Angastaco, the rutted earthen highway that is RN 40 weaves through surrealist rock formations that are unofficially called the Angastaco Natural Monument. The views are stunning. Expect jagged mineral-…
Argentine in Angastaco

Rincón Florido

A curious and heartwarming lunch stop just beyond Angastaco's municipal building. Three courtyard tables in a family home are vine-shaded and watched over by a talking parrot and myriad curious objects, from farm im…
Winery in Angastaco

Bodega El Cese

This picturesque boutique winery sits in a lovely setting 7km north of the turnoff to Angastaco. The wines are uncomplicated but tasty, and free tastings are given. It's best to phone ahead, as it's not always atten…
Museum in Angastaco

Museo Arqueológico

This little archaeological museum is in the smart municipal building behind Angastaco's church. If it's shut, ask in the offices and someone may open it up for you.