Bus in Paso de los Libres

Bus Terminal

The bus terminal is 1km from downtown. There are services to Buenos Aires (AR$775 to AR$1080, eight to nine hours), Posadas (AR$417 to AR$440, five to six hours) and Corrientes (AR$430, five hours) via Mercedes (AR$…
Bus Station in Colón

Bus Terminal

Colón’s bus terminal is eight blocks north of the main shopping and entertainment street, 12 de Abril. A remise downtown costs around AR$50.
Bus Station in Concordia

Concordia Bus Terminal

The bus terminal is 13 blocks north of Plaza 25 de Mayo. Four daily buses (none on Sunday) go to Salto, Uruguay (AR$130, 1¼ hours).
Taxi in Colón

Remis Colón

Recommended remise service for around town and longer trips to Parque Nacional El Palmar and Palacio San José.
Taxi in Colón

Remises Palmares

Recommended taxi company with the best vehicles. Offers tours to Parque Naciona El Palmar and Palacio San José.
Bus Station in Concepción del Uruguay

Bus Terminal

The bus terminal is 10 blocks west of the plaza. Bus 1 runs between them; a remise costs AR$35.
Bicycle Hire in Colón

Bicicletas Puerto

A friendly rental shop offering cycles for exploring around town and the costanera.
Bus Station in Yapeyú

Terminal de Transporte

Taxi in Concepción del Uruguay