Along the Río Uruguay restaurants

Top Choice Argentine in Colón

La Cosquilla del Ángel

Colón’s best restaurant combines elegant, romantic decor and service with a whimsical and unpretentious approach, particularly in the curiously named dishes and the intriguing restaurant name: The Angel’s Tickle. Ma…
Argentine in Colón

Restaurant del Puerto

In a lovely old building near the river, this restaurant does tasty evening meals with good service and plenty of imaginative river-fish dishes. It's good for a lighter dinner, with plenty of salad vegetables and fr…
Argentine in Colón

El Viejo Almacén

A block from the plaza and offering a quiet, brick-walled interior decorated with old-time photos, this has a wide-ranging menu including great homemade pasta, delicious empanadas, river fish and parrilla options. P…
Argentine in Colón

Cala Bistro

A cozy split-level restaurant in an old, stone-walled house decorated with antiques, this great little place serves fantastic flavorful meals that are a bit more adventurous than the standard fare around town. Ask a…
Argentine in Colón


One of the few places to grab a bite outside meal times in off season, this new bar-restaurant with a classic design on the plaza offers pressed panini sandwiches, pizza, pasta and salads in addition to normal Argen…
Argentine in Colón

La Cantina

Just off the plaza, this likable family-run restaurant with colorful Andean textiles on the tables does a nice line in uncomplicated and filling fare, with sizable chicken and beef dishes alongside tasty homemade pa…
Deli in Colón

El Sótano de los Quesos

This intriguing spot serves artisanal cheeses and other delicacies at pretty thatched tables on a lawn overlooking the port. There’s also locally made wine and beer, and a cellar shop whose aromas will almost compel…
Argentine in Paso de los Libres

El Nuevo Mesón

Still the best place to eat in Libres, with waiters smartly turned out in black and white and a wide range of decent dishes. There’s pizza, parrilla, the river fish pacú and more elaborate creations, but it’s all ta…
Argentine in Colón


Half a dozen blocks back from the park, this bright, unpretentious corner bistro is a pleasant place for an evening meal. The menu is fairly ample featuring standard fare alongside seafood dishes and the odd Asian-s…
Pizza in Concordia

El Reloj

This spacious brick-walled pizzeria has a good ambience and a staggering selection of thin-base pizzas. Half-and-half? No problem. It also does parrilla, milanesas and the like. Look out for special deals.