Along the Río Uruguay attractions

Top Choice Palace in Concepción del Uruguay

Palacio San José

Topped by twin towers and surrounded by elegant gardens, Justo José de Urquiza’s ostentatious pink palace is 33km west of Concepción. Set around an arched patio, with a walled garden out back, it was built partly to…
National Park in Along the Río Uruguay

Parque Nacional El Palmar

On the west bank of the Río Uruguay, midway between Colón and Concordia, 8500-sq-km Parque Nacional El Palmar preserves the last extensive stands of yatay palm on the Argentine littoral. In the 19th century the nati…
Ruins in Concordia

Castillo San Carlos

In riverside Parque Rivadavia, northeast of town, this ruined mansion was built in 1888 by a French industrialist who mysteriously abandoned the property years later. Writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry briefly lived he…
Museum in Concordia

Museo Judío de Entre Ríos

Three rooms detailing the arrival and struggles of the Jewish gauchos, their way of life and the Holocaust seen through the eyes of those who experienced it. Also temporary exhibitions. One block west and 2½ blocks …
Historic Building in Yapeyú

Casa de San Martín

An ornate pavilion protects the remains of the sturdy stone house, once a guesthouse for people coming to trade with the Jesuit missions, in which the Liberator San Martín was born. In truth, there isn't a great dea…
Museum in Concordia

Museo Regional de Concordia

This small museum has an underwhelming display of historic costumes and antique furniture; most intriguing is a scale model of the Castillo San Carlos in its heyday. The main interest is the fabulous building, which…
Museum in Yapeyú

Museo de la Cultura Jesuítica

On a corner of the plaza, this is on the site of the ruins of the Jesuit church; there's not much left but they are some of the last ruins left in town. It has a good overview of all the missions and a friendly care…
Visitor Center in Along the Río Uruguay

Visitor Center

The Visitor Center has displays on natural history, including a small reptile house, and offers video screenings throughout the day.