Beach in West & South Coasts

Princess Diana Beach

This sublime southwest-facing beach is home to the famous all-inclusive Coco Point Lodge, but anyone is free to enjoy the often footprint-free sands lapped by the crystal-clear sea. Previously known as Coco Point Be…
Beach in West & South Coasts

17-Mile-Beach (Palm Beach)

This epic stretch of silky smooth, unblemished sands separates the ocean from the Codrington Lagoon. It's possible to walk for hours but note that there's no shade and no vendors, so bring everything you need.
Tower in West & South Coasts

Martello Tower

Barbuda's most important colonial vestige sits just a short walk northwest of the ferry harbor, near River Beach. The 56ft-high mini-fort was built by the British in the early 1800s and looks just like an old sugar …
Bay in West & South Coasts

Gravenor Bay

The pristine waters of Gravenor Bay between Coco Point and Spanish Point are a popular yacht anchorage and have reefs offering excellent snorkeling. Near the heart of the bay is an old, dilapidated pier, while the r…
Viewpoint in West & South Coasts

Spanish Point

Archaeologists believe that the uninhabited peninsula leading to the hilltop Spanish Point was once the site of a major Arawak settlement. The point itself may have gotten its name from a shipwrecked Spanish merchan…