From roadside barbecues to rustic beach bars and gourmet temples, feeding your tummy is no tall order in Antigua, although on Barbuda the selection is more limited. Opening hours are erratic and subject to change at any time; some places close from August to October. Menu prices may not include tax (15%) and a service charge (10%). This should be noted on the menu itself or on the check.

Essential Food & Drink

Pepperpot Antigua’s national dish is a hearty stew blending meat and vegetables, such as okra, spinach, eggplant, squash and potatoes. It’s often served with fungi, which are not mushrooms but cornmeal patties or dumplings.

Black pineapple The local pineapple was first introduced by the Arawaks and is smaller than your garden variety. It’s known as ‘black’ because it’s at its sweetest when kind of dark green. It grows primarily on the southwest coast, near Cades Bay.

Rock lobster This hulking crustacean has a succulent tail but no claws and is best served grilled. (And you’ll be forgiven if after a few rum punches you’re humming a tune by the B-52s while digging in.)

Wadadli Antigua Brewery makes this local brew, a fresh pale lager, with desalinated seawater.

Cavalier and English Harbour Locally produced rums best mixed with fruit juice.