Dickenson Bay & North Shore attractions

Beach in Dickenson Bay & North Shore

Dickenson Bay

Antigua's busiest beach is chock-a-block with low-rise hotels and resorts, most notably the sprawling all-inclusive Sandals resort. Naturally, there's no shortage of beach bars and water-sports facilities. The calm …
Beach in Dickenson Bay & North Shore

Jabberwock Beach

This long white sandy beach is largely the domain of windsurfers and kitesurfers thanks to its excellent cross-onshore winds and shallow waters. Conditions are mostly likely to be ideal between January and June.
Beach in Dickenson Bay & North Shore

Runaway Bay

If you're keen on escaping the holiday hubbub of busy Dickenson Bay, head south beyond a small bluff to Runaway Bay, whose beach is just as white but tranquil and facility-free.