Tour operators can fly inland using small ski planes and helicopters. Check ahead to see what is offered by your operator.


Bicycles are not practical in Antarctica, but you could check with bespoke tour operators to see if you can do a private trip.


Zodiacs, generically known as RIBs (rigid inflatable boats; other name-brands are Naiad, Avon and Polarcirkel), are the backbone of tourist travel once in the Antarctic. These small (nine to 16 passengers) inflatable boats powered by outboard engines have a shallow draft, which is ideal for cruising among icebergs and landing in otherwise inaccessible areas.

Zodiacs are very stable in the water, and are designed to stay afloat even if one or more of their six separate air-filled compartments are punctured.

Zodiac safety:

  • No smoking.
  • Wear a life jacket.
  • Wet-weather gear is critical, as is a waterproof backpack (or waterproof bag inside the pack), because of the boat’s flying spray.
  • Use care entering and exiting Zodiacs.
  • Check with your driver before standing, and follow all crew instructions.


There are no buses to speak of in Antarctica, but larger bases use giant-wheeled transports akin to buses to move their employees.

Car & Motorcycle

Cars, trucks, sprites and other small motorized vehicles are used to transport people around larger Antarctic bases, or as part of private expeditions.


There are no trains in Antarctica.