Top things to do in The Valley

Top Choice Barbecue in The Valley

Ken's BBQ

Across from the Valley's open-air marketplace, Ken's is by far the most popular of a row of smoky street-side barbecues. Most regulars swing by for the delectable grilled pork chops served with limes and johnnycakes…
Top Choice Caribbean in The Valley

Roti Hut

Heavenly aromas waft from this adorable mustard-colored, mint-trimmed wooden shack, which cooks up chicken, beef, goat, conch, shrimp and vegetarian rotis, plus a bull-foot soup special on Fridays. From the communal…
Fusion in The Valley


Locally owned Da'Vida is an island of sophistication in the humble Valley. From the deck a few feet above the water, you can enjoy tapas from 5pm and stunning Asian-Caribbean creations (Anguillan crab cake with pine…
Church in The Valley

St Gerard’s

Built in 1966, after the previous chapel was destroyed by a 1961 hurricane, St Gerard’s has a unique facade of pebbles, stones, timber and tiles, open-air side walls and a ceiling shaped like the hull of a ship. It'…
Historic Building in The Valley

Wallblake House

Behind a white picket fence lies Wallblake House, the Valley’s most interesting building. Built in 1787, it’s Anguilla's oldest structure and the only remaining plantation house on the island, having survived the Fr…
Caribbean in The Valley

Hungry’s Food Van

Chefs Irad and Papi have helmed some of Anguilla's top kitchens and now dish up homemade soups (bull-foot, conch and lobster-and-corn included), fresh salads, delicious pastas and a variety of quesadillas from their…
Caribbean in The Valley

Fat Cat

Put together a picnic from freshly made wraps, sandwiches and pasta salads at this takeout spot at the edge of a car park. If you have kitchen access, you can pick up ready-made meals, such as chicken curry or conch…
Caribbean in The Valley

English Rose

Locals keep this frill-free diner busy, especially at lunchtime when choices may include savory goat stew or jerk chicken or international dishes such as burgers or fish and chips. Look for the turquoise and coral-p…
Supermarket in The Valley

Albert Lakes Marketplace

Has a small, rotating range of supermarket items. Although it's often poorly stocked, it's the best supermarket in the Valley.
Supermarket in The Valley

JW Proctor Supermarket

Basic supermarket with limited supplies.