Top things to do

Confucian Site in Hahoe Folk Village

Byeongsan Seowon

This Confucian seowon (서원; academy) from 1572 is set in leafy surrounds arranged with a typical sense of Confucian balance, with the main hall and flanking side-halls a definitive nod to good pungsu-jiri (feng shui)…
Dance in Hahoe Folk Village

Byeolsingut Talnori

Byeolsingut Talnori masked dance performances take place in a small stadium near Hahoe’s car park. These shows are a must-see – plus they’re free, although donations are demanded by hard-working halmeoni (grandmas).
Shrine in Hahoe Folk Village

Goddess Samsin Tree

Quite a sight, this huge 600-year-old Zelkova tree stands at the heart of the village, inhabited by a goddess (or three goddesses in one, as the name samsin means 'three goddesses') who women pray to for children (s…
Viewpoint in Hahoe Folk Village

Buyongdae Cliff

This cliff on the far side of the river affords spectacular views over the village. Take the ferry (₩4000) from the small beach by the Mansongjeong Pine Forest to reach the cliff.
Museum in Hahoe Folk Village

Hahoe Mask Museum

This museum, near the main entrance and bus drop-off point, houses a remarkable collection of traditional Korean masks (탈), as well as masks from across Asia and countries as diverse as Nigeria, Italy and Mexico.
Forest in Hahoe Folk Village

Mansongjeong Pine Forest

This long and thin copse of pine trees alongside the river serves as a windbreaker. It faces the Buyongdae Cliff and leads to a stretch of sand alongside the riverbank.
Church in Hahoe Folk Village

Presbyterian Church

With its skilfully-made grey brick spire, this small church is a reminder of the pervasive presence of Christianity even in the smallest of communities.
Cafe in Hahoe Folk Village


This cafe at the heart of the village serves coffee and bottles of the local Andong soju firewater (from ₩6000 to ₩30,000).