Top Choice Ride in Disney California Adventure

Soarin' Around the World

After checking in at the Grizzly Peak Airfield, fasten your seat belt and take off (as if hang gliding) before a giant, 80ft projection screen that really makes you feel like you're over the Swiss Alps, Egyptian pyr…
Top Choice Ride in Disneyland Park

Hyperspace Mountain

Formerly known as Space Mountain, Tomorrowland’s signature attraction (and one of the USA’s best roller coasters), has been given a Star Wars–themed makeover and it hurtles you into complete darkness at frightening …
Top Choice Ride in Disney California Adventure

California Screamin'

Paradise Pier's state-of-the-art roller coaster resembles an old wooden coaster, but it’s got a smooth-as-silk steel track: it feels like you’re being shot out of a cannon as you go through twists, turns and a 360-d…
Top Choice Ride in Disney California Adventure

Radiator Springs Racers

This race-car ride bumps and jumps around a track painstakingly decked out like the Great American West. FastPass accepted.
Area in Disney California Adventure

Cars Land

This land gets kudos for its incredibly detailed design based on the popular Disney Pixar Cars movies. Top billing goes to the wacky Radiator Springs Racers, a race-car ride that bumps and jumps around a track pains…
Ride in Disneyland Park

it's a small world

An iconic Disneyland attraction (for better or for worse), this indoor boat ride takes you past hundreds of audio-animatronic children from different cultures (now joined by Disney characters), all singing 'It's a S…
Amusement Park in Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure

Disneyland resort's larger but less crowded park, Disney California Adventure celebrates the natural and cultural glories of the Golden State but lacks the density of attractions and depth of imagination. The best r…
Landmark in Disneyland Park

Sleeping Beauty Castle

At the far end of Main Street USA, Sleeping Beauty Castle is an obligatory photo op and most recognizable landmark. Its towering blue turrets, loosely based on Germany's Neuschwanstein Castle, are visible from many …
Ride in Disneyland Park

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues

Star Tours clamps you into a Starspeeder shuttle for a wild and bumpy 3D ride through the desert canyons of Tatooine with C-3PO, on a space mission with several alternate storylines, so you can ride it again and aga…
Ride in Disney California Adventure

Toy Story Midway Mania!

One of the most popular rides in Paradise Pier. This 4D ride lets you earn points by shooting at targets while your carnival car swivels and careens through an oversize, old-fashioned game arcade. FastPass available…