The 'airline for millennials' is now offering beds for their kids

Alex Butler
Lonely Planet Writer

While many people are still grappling with the fact that “millennial” is no longer shorthand for “young person”, France’s new “airline for millennials” is also growing up.

Put the kids to bed during your flight. Image by Joon

Last year, Air France made headlines when it announced the launch of a sister airline called Joon, which was aimed at a “new generation of travellers” and quickly described as an airline for millennials. At first, that meant virtual reality headsets, organic meal offerings and a mission statement that described the airline as a fashion brand, rooftop bar, and much more.

Flights will help travellers who have kids in tow. Image by Joon

But since those who fall in the higher end of the millennials category are now rapidly approaching 40, the airline is now offering a number of new features to help those travelling with their children. Joon is now offering a new service called Cosy Joon, which includes seats that can be transformed into a bed or play area for children – helping out parents with the always challenging task of travelling with kids in tow.

In some rows of four seats, two adjacent seats can be transformed into a play area or a bed for two children. This is done by removing the child’s convertible seat headrest and using it to fill in the space between the seat and the row in front of it, giving the child more space to relax and play. Then, the crew can also add an overlay mattress and a seat belt extension so the kids can play safe.

The airline for millennials is now appealing with travellers with kids. Image by Joon

There’s a total of 16 such seats available on each Joon long-haul flight that is operated on an Airbus A340. The seats are only for families with one adult and two young children or two adults and two young children and are recommended for two children between 2 and 5/6 years old maximum. Families can book them up to 55 hours before flight departure in the same way as a standard seat for €20, and it’s free when you check in online 30 hours before your departure if the seats are available.

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