Algeria in detail

Algeria is known for

Roman Ruins

Algeria hides some of the most remarkable Roman sites in the world.

Djemila Put simply this is one of the world's great historical sights.

Timgad The Pompeii of Africa but with bucket loads more atmosphere and zero crowds.

Hippo Regius Evocative Roman ruins rich in early Christian culture.

Tipaza A Roman town dipping its toes into the warm blue Mediterranean.

Cherchell A working fishing village built among the ruins of an ancient Roman one.


Even the smallest town in northern Algeria seems to have a museum rammed with the kind of treasures that most countries would have put in pride of place in their national museum.

National Museum of Antiquities The richness of Algeria’s heritage is brought home at the national museum.

Sétif Museum Fawn over the colour and detail of the Roman mosaics on display in this museum.

Djemila Museum The vivid mosaics here will transport you to daily life during the Roman Empire.

National Museum Cirta Stare in awe at the marble and bronze sculptures of Roman leaders.

Cherchell Museum A small town with a big history proudly on display in this museum.

City Life

Although most visitors to northern Algeria are focused on cities past, modern Algeria has plenty of urban highlights.

Casbah Explore the steep and narrow maze of streets in Algiers' infamous Casbah.

Mellah Slimane Bridge Get sweaty palms as you gingerly cross the swinging, gorge-spanning bridges of Constantine.

Djebel Murdjadjo Watch the big ships sail into the port of Oran from this fortress-capped viewpoint.

Basilica de Saint Augustine Search for traces of Saint Augustine among the ruins, colonial-era architecture and basilica of Annaba.

Desert Vistas

Algeria is home to some of the most magnificent scenery in the Sahara, though visiting often requires escorts and permits.

Sebkha Circuit Loop through sand dunes, salt lakes and crumbling ksars on this epic Saharan drive.

Ghardaïa Step back in time as you enter the old mud-walled town of Ghardaïa.

Timimoun Explore the backstreets of this oasis town with its evocative red architecture.

Hôtel de l’Oasis Rouge Learn about traditional desert arts and crafts in this interesting museum in Timimoun.