Guided Tours in Timimoun

Tourist Office

Near the roundabout on the main street. It can organise guides from around DA1000 per day. It also has a small exhibition room and may be able to provide a map of the Sebkha Circuit.
Immigration in Algiers

Department des Etrangers

For visa extensions visit the Department des Etrangers, but don't hold your breath as extensions to tourist visas are generally only granted in very rare circumstances.
Tourist Information in Algiers


Enthusiastic, if not wildly helpful, tourist office.
Embassy in Algiers

Canadian Embassy

Also provides consular assistance to Australians.
Embassy in Algiers

French Embassy

There are also consulates in Annaba and Oran.
Embassy in Algiers

German Embassy

Embassy in Algiers

Italian Embassy

Embassy in Algiers

Malian Embassy

Embassy in Algiers

Moroccan Embassy

Embassy in Algiers

Nigerien Embassy