Algeria in detail


Roman Ruins

Spread across flower-covered mountain plateaus are some of the finest vestiges of the Roman Empire you might see anywhere.

  • National Museum of Antiquities The treasure-filled National Museum of Antiquities in Algiers showcases some of Algeria's finest Roman finds.
  • Tipaza The charming ruins of Tipaza shelter amid the pine trees beside a pretty cobblestone beach.
  • Cherchell The ruins of ancient Cherchell live side by side with this modern and attractive fishing village.
  • Djemila Quite possibly the most beautiful extant Roman city in Africa. The setting among the Petit Kabylie hills and the state of the ruins make this the premier Roman site in Algeria.
  • Timgad In few cities is it quite so easy to imagine a lively and prosperous Roman city as it is in the sprawling and magnificent ruins of Timgad.
  • Lambaesis The scattered and very weathered ruins of Lambaesis require a bit of imagination in order to bring them to life.
  • Tiddis A modest set of ruins in a bleak mountain setting.
  • Hippo Regius A contender for the title of Algeria’s most spectacular Roman site.