Batna attractions

Roman Site in Batna


Lambaesis once served as the capital of Roman Numidia and was, for a long time, the partner and sometime rival of nearby Timgad. Yet the site has disappeared from most itineraries and, if seen by visitors at all, it…
Mausoleum in Batna

Mausoleum of Medracen

As you approach over the flat farmland, something vast and cone-topped appears over the horizon which you would be forgiven for thinking is a hill. In fact it is a mausoleum and one of Algeria’s many archaeological …
Museum in Batna

Museum, Tazoult

In the modern village of Tazoult a small museum has a limited but surprisingly rich collection of archeological finds, the highlights of which include mosaics discovered near the arch of Septimus Severus in 1905; th…