Algiers in detail

Getting Around


The major city bus stations are at Pl des Martyrs and Pl de la Grande Poste, but other than the airport bus very few foreigners get around Algiers by bus.


Algiers has a new, and very efficient, metro service, though it currently only has one line, which extends from the city centre eastwards along the coast and in most cases it's not of much use to foreign tourists. The most central station, Grand Post metro station, is right opposite the former main post office. A 24-hour pass costs DA150 or a 10 tickets pass (valid for a month) costs DA400. Trains run every few minutes from 5am until 11pm.

In late 2017 a 2km westerly extension is expected to be added to the network.


Taxis can be hired by you alone, or shared. Drivers can be found outside the larger central hotels. If you want to book a taxi pick up, ask for recommended drivers at your hotel. Short trips across town should not cost more than DA500, though prices are higher between 9pm and 5am. A taxi from the city centre to the main bus station will cost around DA300 to DA400.