Algerian dinar (DA)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than $75

  • Hotel room: $45
  • Kebab: $5
  • Mint tea: $1
  • Algiers metro ticket: 50¢

Midrange: $75–120

  • Hotel room: $85
  • Two-course dinner: $15
  • Beer at a bar: $3
  • Short taxi ride: $5

Top end: More than $120

  • Hotel room: $200
  • Two-course dinner: $25
  • Glass of wine: $7
  • Driver and car for a day: $70


Bargaining is not the way of life here, and most day-to-day products have a fixed price. It is might be worth trying to bargain for tourist souvenirs, tours or other tourist services, though there's no guarantee you'll get one. Hotels might negotiate a little on room rates during quiet periods.


There are banks all over the city centre and most now have ATMs that work with foreign cards. You can also try the airport or the lobby of one of the five-star hotels.

There is an open (but very much illegal) black market which offers considerably better exchange rates for euros (less so for other currencies). It's a good idea to ask a local to help you if you intend to change money here. Black market money changers congregate around the Hôtel Terminus.