Algeria in detail

Planning Tips

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Start visa application at least a month (or more) before your departure date.
  • Arrange tours and escorts to the Saharan regions at least one month in advance.
  • Book internal flights and hotel accommodation two weeks in advance.
  • Read up on the history of the Roman Empire in North Africa.

What to Take

  • Sun hat if visiting the north in summer or the Sahara at anytime
  • Warm clothes if visiting in winter, spring or autumn
  • Water bottle
  • Good walking shoes for pacing around ancient Roman sites
  • Cash in euros

What to Wear

What you wear in Algeria depends on the time of year and where you are going, but since Algeria is a Muslim country and tourists are as rare as summer rainfall, always dress modestly. For men this means no shorts (except at the beach) and for women it means ankle length dresses and conservative tops (t-shirts are fine in northern cities but long sleeves elsewhere – no crop tops or tight tops). Northern cities are generally more liberal than mountain and Saharan villages. In rural areas a head scarf might not go amiss.

Algeria is hot in the summer (the Sahara dangerously so) but many visitors are surprised by how cold and wet it can be from autumn through to spring. Bring warm winter clothing and waterproofs. Saharan nights get bitter in winter.