Cycling was the main form of transport for Albanians until the early 1990s, and it's now having a comeback (cyclists seem to make more headway in Tirana's regular traffic snarls). Bike hire is available from several hostels, and there's even a bike-sharing scheme, Ecovolis, which has 23 outlets around the centre. It's a great way to explore the city on the cheap, with bikes costing just 60 lekë per hour. Each hire point is administered by a person rather than being done automatically, as in most other countries.


International car-hire companies in Tirana include the following (each also has an outlet at the airport):





Taxi stands dot the city, and taxis charge 300 to 400 lekë for a ride within Tirana, and 500 to 600 lekë at night and to destinations outside the city centre. Reach an agreement on the fare with the driver before setting off; while drivers are supposed to use meters, they almost never do. Speed Taxi, with 24-hour service, is reliable.