Lek (plural lekë); the euro (€) is widely accepted.

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €50

  • Dorm bed: €10–15
  • Double room in budget hotel: €25–40
  • Cheap meal: €2–4
  • Intercity furgon (minibus) ride: €2–7

Midrange: €50–100

  • Double room in midrange hotel: €40–60
  • Lunch or dinner in local restaurants: €4–10
  • Admission to museums: €1–4
  • Short taxi trip: €5–10

Top end: More than €100

  • Double room in top-end hotel: from €80
  • Dinner in a leading Tirana restaurant: €15–30
  • Half-day city tour €20–30
  • Car hire per day: €40–80


It’s perfectly acceptable to haggle at markets and at shops selling souvenirs. Elsewhere it’s not common. For long-distance taxi rides, haggling is definitely a good idea.


Tirana has plenty of ATMs, all of which can be used to withdraw money from foreign debit and credit cards.