Day Trips & Excursions

Full Day Berat Tour from Tirana

Explore the UNESCO heritage sites and the vivid traces of ottoman period.Visit the inhabited castle and the “Onufri” National Iconography Museum.Visit the Medieval Center and learn about interesting local customs.
10 hours
Tours & Sightseeing

Full Day Berat Tour from Tirana

Visit the Ottoman city of Berat on a full-day trip from Tirana that includes pickup and drop-off in a central location and a guided tour of Berat’s historic castle. See a historic center that’s been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and get a glimpse of Albania at its most picturesque.
7 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Wonders of Albania: 3-Day Trip from Tirana

This multi-day Jeep tour in South Albania is designed for those who want to travel off the beaten track and explore some of the amazing rural locations that ordinary tour buses just cannot reach. The specialized vehicles make it possible to reach areas such as the Osumi Canyon, old villages of Albania, and the off-road path to Permet.
3 days
Cultural & Theme Tours

Ancients and Ottomans - Apollonia and Berat

It will be a tour of approximately 10 hours including the driving times. We'll first get to Apollonia to visit the ruins and the beautiful Monastery with the elegant archaeological museum next to it. Then we'll head to Berat. First a lunch break in the fortress and then visits of the Fortress and some of the main attractions in it. We'll head down to the lower part of  the town in the end of the day to get a nice feeling of the two historical and traditional neighbourhoods around the shores of the river.  Drive back to Tirana through a unusual and non touristy interesting way with many hills, plenty of agriculture activities and a lot of beautiful scenery. 
10 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Durres and Berat 2-Day Tour from Tirana including Wine Tasting Experience

Prepare to be amazed during this 2-day tour while visiting the cities of Berat and Durres and learning more about their fascinating history and monuments.
2 days
Day Trips & Excursions

Berat Full Day Trip from Durres

Start your full day tour with a morning meeting with your tour guide at a previously agreed upon meet-up location in Durres. From there, your driver will whisk you off to the city of Berat, part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city, located at the center of Albania, is characterized by its unique architectural style. Witness the historic buildings, learn the stories behind them, and maybe do some shopping on this moderate walking tour of Berat.
8 hours
Outdoor Activities

Summit of the holy Mountain of Tomorr

 Summit of the holy Mountain of TomorrTravel to a part of Europe still untouched by mass tourism. Visit an ancient fortified city, Summit hike to Tomorr, the most energic and spiritual mountain of the whole region and explore of the Karavasta lagoon. National Park of Tomor has been recognized as an Important Plant Area of international importance by Plantlife. It is probably the best known mountain in Albania. It has religious significance and holds the place were Gods rest “Dodona”. Every august more than 500 000 of both Christians and Bektashis pilgrimage it to feel the energy and the spirituality of this heavenly mountain.
3 days
Outdoor Activities

Hiking to Sotira Waterfall

One of the most stunning landscapes Sotira waterfall is located on Tomorri Mountain, about 30 km from Berat. Its one of the most beautiful Waterfalls of southern Albania. The beauty of waterfall combined with Tomorri mountain make it a great experience. During our way we will past through authentic old villages where the life is same as 200 years before. Hiking to Sotira Waterfall is a travel in time adventure.The waterfall has an altitude of 100 meters and it stems from Tomorri Mountain, the ground where the waterfall flows.
6 hours
Outdoor Activities

Hiking in the Holy Mountain of Tomor with Lunch

Hiking in the Holy Mount of Tomor is an amazing experience. The region’s holy mountain unfolds great beauties and a unique view of the wild surroundings. The hiking tour lasts around 3 hours and it is available to everyone (no professional skills are required). Not far from Berat’s city center, the ancient home of the Illyrian gods,  Mount Tomor, rises some 2416 meters above sea level. The mountain is famous for the National Park Tomori (Parku Kombëtar Mali i Tomorrit), but also has a deeper, spiritual significance. This sacred mountain, named for and presided over in Albanian lore  by  Baba Tomor or Father Tomor, carries a special significance among even modern day Albanians. Another of the country’s fascinating traditions, Tomor exemplifies much about the Albanian spirit.
5 hours
Outdoor Activities

River hiking and Osumi Canyons Exploration

Albania is an undiscovered adventure destination blessed with Mediterranean weather and spanning through centuries of history and culture.  Travel to a part of Europe still untouched by mass tourism.Visit the Osumi Canyon, one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Europe and swim in a natural pool surrounded by the canyon’s unique, green ecosystem.Hike along the banks of the river Osum through an unspoilt landscape of pine forests and river plains, visiting local landmarks like the Crocodile Head, Love Waterfall and Devils Gate.
4 hours