• African societies are conservative towards gays and lesbians; same-sex relationships are a cultural taboo, and there are very few openly gay communities. Officially, homosexuality (male, female or both) is illegal in many African countries, with homosexual acts risking the death penalty in Mauritania and in parts of Nigeria, Somalia and Sudan.
  • Although prosecutions rarely occur, discretion is key and public displays of affection should generally be avoided, advice which applies to both homosexual and heterosexual couples.
  • Cape Town is Africa's most gay-friendly city, with a lively club scene and a welcoming vibe.


Afriboyz (www.afriboyz.com/Homosexuality-in-Africa.html) Worth checking out for (often-dated) links to gay issues around the continent.

David Travel (www.davidtravel.com) A US-based tour company offering specialist tours for gay men and women.

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