Split from the rest of Africa by the Sahara, North Africa is the continent’s bridge between Europe and the Middle East. West Africa is home to signature African landscapes and inhabited by an astonishing diversity of people who hold fast to their traditions.

Hot, steamy and precarious, Central Africa is the continent’s proverbial ‘dark heart’ but also a land rich in virgin jungle, fabled rivers and amazing wildlife. East Africa plays host to profound cultural riches and overwhelming natural splendour, as well as people who have remained resilient to tragic conflict.

Southern Africa has some of the continent’s most accessible wilderness and dynamic cities, the playgrounds in which to experience a multitude of adventures.

Central Africa




Off the Map

Just coming here can be an adventure. While it would be wrong to paint Central Africa as an oasis of peace, much of the region can now be visited and destinations such as the DRC are opening up to intrepid travellers.

Gorillas & Bonobos

Wildlife wedded to extraordinary natural beauty is the region's trump card. In the DRC there are national parks where you can see gorillas and a sanctuary for rare bonobo primates.

Rivers & Forests

The dense rainforests of the Congo Basin and Africa's second-longest river define this remote region as rich in beauty as in biodiversity. This is the Africa you imagined when you dreamed of the continent's tropical heart.

East Africa




Architecture as Art

On the islands of Zanzibar and Lamu, cities of hewn coral pay tribute to once-vast trading empires that stretched along the coastline and deep into the interior. Ethiopia’s rock churches and ruined palaces are poignant reminders of treasures won and lost.

Africa's Highs & Lows

East Africa is home to Africa’s largest lake, deepest point, swathes of primate-rich equatorial rainforest and some of the world’s greatest wildlife parks. Up in the heavens the summits of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya beckon to be climbed.

Primates, Predators & Prey

East Africa has fabulous wildlife. Witness the annual wildebeest migration between the Serengeti and Masai Mara. Penetrate Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to encounter mountain gorillas or the Mahale Mountains National Park to hang with chimpanzees.

North Africa



Islamic Culture

Ancient Civilisations

The glories of ancient Egypt are the most famous, but extraordinary Roman and Greek cities and other cities of Mediterranean antiquity are found all along the North African coast.

The Sahara Desert

The Sahara is the stuff of dreams, and while much of it is off limits, accessible desert expeditions are possible in Egypt and Morocco. In the last, you can drop down from the epic Atlas Mountains into the dunes that stretch deep into Africa.

The Beauty of Islam

Whether in Marrakesh, Fez, Algiers or Cairo, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the best of Arab-Islamic culture, from the soaring mosques and exquisite architecture to the warm hospitality for which the region is famous.

Southern Africa

Wildlife & Landscapes

Adventure Activities


Wildlife Central

This corner has some of Africa's most accessible wilderness – an astonishing variety and density of wildlife, dreamy landscapes and world-class natural features like thundering Victoria Falls. Botswana offers the wildlife-rich, water-soaked Okavango Delta, Zambia's majestic national parks – the list goes on and on.

Adrenaline Rush

Southern Africa will fill the part of your heart that yearns for adventure. Want to bungee jump? No problem. Fly over mighty Victoria Falls? Absolutely. White-water raft raging rapids? Of course!

African Chill

The region's ambient rhythm swoons visitors into a blissful stupor. Change down a gear and relax on Mozambique's uncrowded beaches and romantic offshore islands, or Botswana's remote luxury lodges, or join locals for a drink at a South African shebeen (informal drinking establishment)...

West Africa


Music & Tradition


Tropical Coast

West Africa’s allure will take hold amid the verdant rainforests of Cameroon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, or while contemplating an Atlantic sunset alongside swaying palm trees.

African Rhythms

Extraordinarily rich musical traditions animate this epic landscape, from the live-music scene in Dakar and Conakry to the masks and stilt dancing of the Dans in Côte d’Ivoire. The region's artistic traditions (the woodcarvings here are Africa's best) provide a wonderful link to the past.

New Frontiers

West Africa’s appeal resides in its isolation, being one of the least-known corners of the continent. Emerging destinations such as Sierra Leone, Benin and Burkina Faso sit easily alongside the better-known attractions such as the beaches of The Gambia.