Top Choice Architecture in Tiébélé & Kassena Country

Cour Royale

More than 450 people live in Tiébélé's royal court, a large compound of typical sukhalas, or traditional painted houses. Children live with their grandparents in octagonal huts, couples live in rectangular huts and …
Top Choice Notable Building in Johannesburg

Constitutional Court

Inaugurated in 2004, with its design based on the African concept of 'justice under a tree', the Constitutional Court is a very real symbol of modern South Africa. Incorporating some 150,000 bricks and the former st…
Top Choice Notable Building in Tetouan

Artisanal School

Just outside Bab el-Okla is the best artisan centre in northern Morocco. This is a fascinating opportunity to see masters teaching apprentices traditional arts, including ornamental woodwork, silk costumes, carved p…
Top Choice Notable Building in Melilla

Palacio de Asamblea

Nieto’s art-deco Palacio de Asamblea, whose floor plan depicts a ducal crown, is an operating town hall, although the staff at the entrance are willing to show tourists around upon request. Worth seeing are two room…
Top Choice Architecture in Asmara

Bowling Alley

A block south of the Municipality Building, the Bowling Alley is one of the few genuine 1950s alleys left in the world. It was probably built for US servicemen when they were manning military bases in the region.
Top Choice Architecture in Ceuta

Royal Walls

The most impressive sight in Ceuta is the medieval Royal Walls, dating back to the 5th century. These extensive fortifications, of great strategic complexity, have been beautifully restored, with information boards …
Top Choice Notable Building in Tikniouine

Cooperative Tikniouine

Some 5km east along the main road from Agouti is the village of Tikniouine, a key stop for gourmet treats and cultural immersion. The cooperative was formed in 2005 by plucky young women who secured EU funding to st…
Top Choice Notable Building in Lilongwe

Parliament Building

To get up close to Malawi’s movers and shakers, head to the home of the national parliament. It moved in 1994 from Zomba to the ostentatious palace of former president Banda on the outskirts of Lilongwe and now occu…
Top Choice Notable Building in Fez

Rue des Mérinides

The most architecturally impressive street in the mellah is Rue des Mérinides, lined with houses that are distinguished by their wooden and wrought-iron balconies, as well as by their stucco work. Jewish ladies woul…
Notable Building in Mua

Kungoni Centre of Culture & Art

Part of the Mua Mission, this fascinating cultural centre is made up of several exhibitions, workshops and even a botanic garden. Set up in 1976 by a Canadian, Father Claude Boucher (who still directs the centre), i…