Top things to do in Kandahar

Mosque in Kandahar

Mosque of the Sacred Cloak

A cloak worn by the Prophet Mohammed is housed in the Mosque of the Sacred Cloak, by far the city’s most valued treasure. The mosque is situated opposite the governor’s palace. Ahmed Shah Durrani acqui…
Monument in Kandahar

The Forty Steps

One kilometre west of Dand Chowk nestled in a rocky outcrop above the city are The Forty Steps, which are visible from most of Shah-e-Nau. The steps will take you to a small enclave in the mountain guarded by two st…
Monument in Kandahar

Baba Wali Shrine

Sitting on the banks of the Arghandab River is the Baba Wali Shrine, also known as Baba Sahib by Kandaharis. Gul Agha Sherzai, the twice-former Governor of Kandahar, fierce warlord and former mujahideen commander co…
Mosque in Kandahar

Eid Gah Mosque

One of the largest mosques in Afghanistan, Kandahar's Eid Gah Mosque stands at nearly 25m adjacent to the dilapidated Kandahar University. The mosque and the surrounding grounds can accommodate thousands of worshipp…
Mosque in Kandahar

Mosque of the Hair of the Prophet

Although a little harder to find than the cloak, make sure you make the trip to Mosque of the Hair of the Prophet near Chowk-e Charso in the Old City to see where this unique Islamic relic lies. The hair from the Pr…
Mausoleum in Kandahar

Ahmed Shah Durrani Mausoleum

The mausoleum of the founder of modern-day Afghanistan, Ahmed Shah Durrani, is at the rear of the Mosque of the Sacred Cloak. The octagonal shaped, richly decorated mausoleum is somewhat overshadowed by the mosque.