Top things to do in Jalalabad

Park in Jalalabad

Nimla Gardens

These gardens 40km from Jalalabad were laid out in 1610 by the Mughal emperor Jehangir. They follow the quartered Chahar Bagh –style of classical Mughal gardens, with beds of plants and trees given order by t…
Park in Jalalabad

Seraj-ul Emorat Gardens

The Seraj-ul Emorat Gardens are named for the palace of King Habibullah (‘Building of Light’), built in the confines of the garden in 1910. The palace was reduced to a shell during the 1929 tribal upri…
Park in Jalalabad

Kawkab Garden

Between Seraj-ul Emorat and the Kabul river is the peaceful KawkabGarden, planted with roses. A new garden, Bagh-e Abdul Haq, is also being laid out here to commemorate the mujaheddin leader Abdul Haq who was killed…