Historic Site in Kabul

European Cemetery

This cemetery was built in 1879 by the British army for the dead of the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The cemetery contains around 150 graves. Most are from members of Kabul’s international community fr…
Palace in Herat

Zarnegar Khana

The Zarnegar Khana was built during Sultan Baiqara's time, it is a retreat for the shrine's Sufi adherents, who hold their zikr rituals inside. The interior has a fine domed ceiling, painted in blue and red, and pic…
Castle in Bamiyan

Shahr-e Gholghola

A 20-minute walk from Bamiyan stands the remains of Ghorid Bamiyan's last stand against the Mongol hordes. On a commanding rise, Shahr-e Gholghola was reputedly the best defended of Bamiyan's royal citadels and was …
Archaeological Site in Afghanistan

Ruined City of Balkh

Once comparable to Babylon in splendour and size, the remains of the ancient city of Balkh still offer glimpses of a magnificent Afghani history.
Castle in Afghanistan

Pai Hesar castle

The medieval skyline of Herat is crowned by this mud-walled fortress complete with towering walls and squat turrents. Built for Alexander the Great, it has recently found use as a museum and has long been popular wi…
Historic Site in Kabul

Mausoleum of Timur Shah

Timur Shah was the first to make Kabul the capital of a unified kingdom. He died in 1793, but it was another 23 years before his mausoleum was built, possibly due to the chaos after his death, caused by his leaving …