6 days small group adventure tours around the Faroe Islands

Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours in Gjógv

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Enjoy most of the wonders of the Faroe islands on this 6 days package tours around the islands, while the experienced tour guide explains all the history about the surroundings. You will visit places like Mykines, Múlafossur, Saksun, Gjógv, Kalsoy, Sandoy and many others magical places. Besides from walking around in the villages and the hike to the lighthouse in Mykines, these tours are doable by everyone, and you don't have to walk many steps on Kalsoy or Mykines to find yourself in the middle of thousands of puffins. If you don't want to think about ferry tickets, routes, road signs, trails etc. and just want to enjoy and explore, this tour is perfect for you, because everything is prepared, and you will be picked up at your hotel or designated area in Tórshavn every morning, and you will also be provided with packed lunch and drinks on all our tours.
ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: MM Tours, Torshavn, StreymoyMonday: 09-17Tuesday: 09–19.00Wednesday: 09.00–20.00Thursday: 08.30–15.30Friday: 09.00–14.30Saturday: 09.00–18.30Hotel pickups commence approximately 30 minutes prior to the morning timesStop At: SornfelliPhoto opportunities of Nordadalsskard and SornfelliDuration: 20 minutesStop At: Saksun Church, StreymoyMondayArriving at Saksun, were you will have half an hour to explore and take amazing photos.Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Fossá WaterfallMondayPhoto stop at the biggest waterfall in the Faroe islands – FossáDuration: 15 minutesStop At: Tjornuvik Kirkja, Tjornuvik, StreymoyMondayArriving in the village of Tjornuvik, with a half an hour photo stopDuration: 30 minutesStop At: Funningur Church, Funningur, EysturoyMondayWe arrive at the village of Funning, were you will visit the old wooden churchDuration: 1 hourStop At: Cleft Of Gjogv, Gjogv, EysturoyMondayArrive at the beautiful village of Gjógv for some sightseeing and a packed lunchDuration: 1 hourStop At: Risin and Kellingin, EysturoyMondayTake some amazing photos of the “Risin and kellingin” – Giant and the hagDuration: 10 minutesPass By: Eiðis kirkjaMondayPass By: Lake Leitisvatn, Vagar IslandTuesdayStop At: Port SørvágurTuesday - Depart on the ferry to Mykines ( Sail time is 40 min )Duration: 20 minutesPass By: TindhólmurEnjoy the beautiful view at the islet of Tindhólmur and Drangarnir from the Ferry to MykinesStop At: Mykines Holmur Lighthouse, MykinesTuesdayEat the packed lunch by the lighthouse, while enjoying the view.Duration: 3 hoursStop At: Mykines StovaDepart for the beautiful sightseeing tour, where you will be greeted by the amazing birdlife and viewsDuration: 3 hoursStop At: Kunoy Park, Kunoy, KunoyWednesdayStop at the village of Kunoy, where there will be a photo opportunity.Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Hvannasund Church, Hvannasund, Vidoy IslandWednesdayDuration: 10 minutesStop At: Haraldssund Tunnel, Haraldssund, KunoyWednesdayDepart from Kunoy and drive to the villages of Árnafjørð and Norðdepil for more photo opportunity.Duration: 10 minutesStop At: Viðareiði KirkjaWednesdayDrive to the village of Viðareiði, through the newest tunnel in the Faroe islands.Duration: 45 minutesStop At: Klaksvíkar kommunaWednesday Arrive in the village of Klaksvík, were you will able to walk around while waiting for the ferry.( Packed Lunch & Beverages is served )Duration: 1 hourStop At: Kalsoy, BordhoyWednesdaySightseeing on the island of Kalsoy, exploring all 4 villages Syðradalur, Húsar, Mikladalur & TrøllanesDuration: 4 hoursStop At: Kopakonan, Mikladalur, KalsoyWednesdaySightseeing in the village Mikladalur ( Seal woman )Duration: 45 minutesStop At: Syðradalur (K)WednesdaySightseeing in village of SyðradalurDuration: 20 minutesStop At: Vestmanna Bird Cliffs, Vestmanna, StreymoyThursdayBoard the ferry and begin the journey to the birdcliffsDuration: 2 hoursStop At: Vestmanna Church, Vestmanna, StreymoyBoard the bus and drive up a mountain road, to see the old village dam, see the windmills that are located above the village of Vestmanna, visit a shop, where the local knitting ladies sell handmade garments.Duration: 2 hoursStop At: Kvivik ChurchThursdayA short stop in the village of Kvívík, were we will visit some historical residential, Viking remains.Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Sandavagur Church, Sandavagur, Vagar IslandFridayArrive in the village of Sandavág, were we will make a stop to see some historical remains.Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Lake Leitisvatn, Vagar IslandFridayArrive at Leitisvatn and see the statue of “Nykur”, a mythical faroes figureDuration: 10 minutesPass By: Port SørvágurFridayArrive at the village of Bø, were you will get the opportunity to walk around the village and see the amazing views of Tindholm and Drangarnar.Stop At: Gasadalur Tunnel, Gasadalur, Vagar IslandFridayWe will get back on the bus and drive to the village of Gásadal, were we will have a packed lunch and beveragesDuration: 45 minutesStop At: Mulafossur Waterfall, Vagar IslandFridayA short walk to Múlafoss, the most well known waterfall in the Faroe islands.Duration: 20 minutesPass By: Hotel VagarFridayPass By: Miðvágurt to Bøsdalafossur Trail HeadFridayPass By: Velbastaðar SkúliSaturdayDrive along a scenic mountain road, where you will see the islands of Sandoy, Hestoy and Koltur.Stop At: Skopun HavnSaturdayArrive at the island of Sandoy, in the village of SkopunDuration: 30 minutesStop At: Sandoyar MeginskúliSaturdaySee the old village churchDuration: 1 hourStop At: Soltuvik, SandoySaturday Depart for the village of Søltuvik, were your guide will tell you all about the history of the placeDuration: 20 minutes

What’s included

  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Local taxes
  • Bottled water - Included all days
  • Lunch - Included all days
  • Dinner (Mykines)
  • Driver/guide
  • Local guide
  • Coffee and/or Tea
  • WiFi on board
  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Entry/Admission - Sornfelli
  • Entry/Admission - Saksun Church
  • Entry/Admission - Fossá Waterfall
  • Entry/Admission - Tjornuvik Kirkja
  • Entry/Admission - Funningur Church
  • Entry/Admission - Cleft Of Gjogv
  • Entry/Admission - Risin and Kellingin
  • Entry/Admission - Port Sørvágur
  • Entry/Admission - Mykines Holmur Lighthouse
  • Entry/Admission - Mykines Stova
  • Entry/Admission - Kunoy Park
  • Entry/Admission - Hvannasund Church
  • Entry/Admission - Haraldssund Tunnel
  • Entry/Admission - Viðareiði Kirkja
  • Entry/Admission - Klaksvíkar kommuna
  • Entry/Admission - Kalsoy
  • Entry/Admission - Kopakonan
  • Entry/Admission - Syðradalur (K)
  • Entry/Admission - Vestmanna Bird Cliffs
  • Entry/Admission - Vestmanna Church
  • Entry/Admission - Kvivik Church
  • Entry/Admission - Sandavagur Church
  • Entry/Admission - Lake Leitisvatn
  • Entry/Admission - Gasadalur Tunnel
  • Entry/Admission - Mulafossur Waterfall
  • Entry/Admission - Skopun Havn
  • Entry/Admission - Sandoyar Meginskúli
  • Entry/Admission - Soltuvik

What’s not included

  • Gratuities