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All foreigners visiting Zambia need visas, but for most nationalities tourist visas are available at major borders, airports and sea ports. But it’s important to note that you should have a Zambian visa before arrival if travelling by train or boat from Tanzania.

Citizens of South Africa and Zimbabwe can obtain visas on arrival for free. For all other nationalities, tourist visas are issued on arrival, but cost about US$25 for a transit visa (valid for seven days), US$25/40 for a single-/double-entry visa (valid for three months) and US$100 for a multiple-entry visa (valid for three years). Brits, however, are slugged for transit/single/double/multiple-entry visas US$60/60/80/80.

Visas for onward travel

It’s always best to visit any embassy or high commission in Lusaka between 9am and noon from Monday to Friday.

Visas for Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania and Botswana are easy to obtain on arrival at the borders of these countries for most visitors. However, if you’re travelling by train or boat to Tanzania, check with the Tanzanian high commission in Lusaka about whether you need a visa beforehand. If so, three-month visas cost from US$25 to US$50 (depending on your nationality). You cannot obtain a visa for Namibia at the border; tourist visas are either free or cost US$30, depending on your nationality, in Lusaka. For Mozambique, transit visas (valid for seven days) cost US$11, single-entry visas (for one month) cost US$20, and multiple-entry visas (for three months) cost US$40.