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Getting there & away

The national carrierYemenia(201474; www.yemenia.com.ye) has one-way flights to San’a (US$50, four weekly).

The bus company Yemitco(208668) has services to Aden (YR1300, six hours, two daily), San’a (YR1100, five hours, two daily) and Ta’izz (YR1000, four hours, two daily). For Al-Khawkha, go to Hays first.

Shared taxis run to Aden (YR1800, seven hours, one to four daily), Beit al-Faqih (YR250, one hour, 10 daily), San’a (YR1000, four hours, many departures throughout the day) and Zabid (YR500, 1½ hours, 10 daily).