Souq al-Milh

Souq al-Milh information

San'a (Sana'a) , Yemen
NE of Bab al-Yaman
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At the heart of Old San'a is the Souq al-Milh. Though the name indicates that the sole product is salt, this is something of a misnomer. Everything from mobile phones to sacks of sultanas is available here. It's almost impossible to point to individual buildings, souqs or sights, but the qat market, in the centre of the old town, is frenetically busy around lunchtime.

The spice souq is every oriental fantasy brought to life and the small cellars where blinkered camels walk round and round in circles crushing sesame seeds to make oil is a glimpse into a bygone age. For many the abiding memory of the city is likely to be of the topsy-turvy, icing-cake houses and the dreamy mosques. Walking the streets of old San'a as the evening prayer call rings out across the rooftops is a deeply romantic and exotic experience and something you're never likely to forget.