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Easter Island
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This is a join in trip where you will be joined by other like minded travellers on transfers and during day excursions.


Walk on the verge of an extinct volcanic crater, View the ruined ceremonial village of Orongo, Play on the pure white sands of Anakena Beach, Enjoy the charming village ambience of Hanga Roa, Meet the magical and mysterious stone moai

Tour description provided by Intrepid

Journey to enigmatic Easter Island and be forever changed by the remote beauty and fascinating folklore of ‘Rapa Nui’. This unforgettable trip allows plenty of time to stand in awe and admire the many stone moai that have made this mystical island so famous. As the trade winds blow, view remnants of the past at ancient ceremonial sites and villages, as well as rock art depicting strange deities. For a dose the natural beauty, be blown away by the scale of a dramatic volcanic crater and uninterrupted views over the horizon. Rich in iconic legends, unique landscapes and blazing sunsets, this is an enthralling encounter of a lifetime.


Days 1-3 Hanga Roa
Welcome to the mystery and magic of Easter Island - or Rapa Nui, as it’s known to the locals. Establish base at the hotel in charming Hanga Roa. The next day, a tour of Anakena provides an introduction to the enigmatic moai (those famous stone heads), set to a backdrop of white sand beaches and sweeping vistas. Visit Rano Kau with its dramatic volcano crater, home to ancient rock carvings and awe-inspiring views. Inspect the ruins of Orongo, a ceremonial village where many rites and rituals were once performed. At Ahu Akivi, see how the seven moai all gaze out to sea, while at Ahu Tahai, observe the varying sizes and features of these arcane relics.
Day 4 Depart Hanga Roa
After breakfast, bid farewell to unforgettable Easter Island and depart Rapa Nui under the watchful eye of the mysterious, ancient stone moai.