John Muir Trail sectional hikes

John Muir Trail sectional hikes information and booking

  • Duration
    11 days
  • Group size
  • Difficulty
    Moderate - Challenging
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Schedule Details

  • 11 day trip
  • 11 day hike
  • 10 nights camping
Equipment Required
A comprehensive gear list is supplied on booking


  • Hike a section of the John Muir Trail
  • Fully supported with pack animals
  • Experienced guides
  • Delicious food provided
  • Remote hiking with wildlife viewing

Tour description provided by World Expeditions

If you prefer the option of hiking without a full pack, then you may like to consider one of our John Muir Trail sectional hikes.These range from 8 to 11 day trips, there are 4 to choose from and are run over consecutive seasons. Rather than carry a full pack, these hikes are supported by pack mule, so you can walk in comfort with a light day pack. Section 4 will commence in August 2015, with the 8 day Red's Meadow to Yosmite hike. For further details please check our website.

What's included

  • Trailhead shuttle at both ends of the trip
  • Top quality meals during the trip - 10 breakfasts, 11 lunches & 10 dinners. this does not include restaurant meals at the beginning and end of the trip.
  • Group equipment such as tents, food canisters, and water purification
  • Mule support for the duration of the trip provided by rock creek pack station
  • Guides, contingency and emergency support, and all necessary permits.


Day 1 South Lake to Lower Dusy Basin
This morning we head out of Bishop Pass Trailhead (9,850') up and over Bishop Pass (11,972') and it is approximately 5.1 miles to Lower Dusy Lake (10,800'). 7 miles, 2600, -1500 ft IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep an open mind as to mileage per day. This is an estimated schedule and sometimes it changes for various reasons (i.e. due to where the pack stock can graze, etc). So please remain flexible and adapt to the inevitable changes that will occur.
Day 2 Lower Dusy Basin to Le Conte Canyon
Throughout this 11 day hike be sure to stop and enjoy the wilderness, birds and wildlife, take in the meandering streams, creeks and waterfalls. We enjoy incredible views from the mountains and meadows on our hiking trail with beautiful scenery and fragrant pine and fir, and ferns. Today we hike from Lower Dusy Lake (10,800') to LeConte Canyon, joining the John Muir Trail (8,750'). 7 miles, +815 ft, -3000 ft
Day 3 to 4 Le Conte Canyon to Colby
Enjoy this mountainous terrain! In the words of John Muir.... "where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike." Our hike is Le Conte Canyon (750') to Colby Meadow (9,800'). We might break this day up depending upon the grazing. All of this is high elevation and might depend upon carrying feed for the mules. Day 4 is a rest day. 14 miles. +3500 ft, -3200 ft.
Day 5 Colby to South Fork of San Joaquin River
A steady hike from Colby Meadow (9,800') to our camp at San Joaquin River (8,350'). 10 miles +1300 ft, -3000 ft.
Day 6 to 7 San Joaquin River to Rose-Marie Meadow
Today we make our way from San Joaquin River (8,350') to Rose-Marie Meadow (10,010'). Day 7 is a rest day. 11 miles +3500 ft, 2000 ft.
Day 8 Rose-Marie Meadow to Quail Meadow
From Rose-Marie Meadow (10,010') we hike down to Quail Meadow (8000'). 10 miles, +1500 ft, -3600 ft.
Day 9 Quail Meadow to Horse Heaven
We continue from Quail Meadow to Tully Hole (9500'). 10 miles, + 4000 ft, -2400 ft
Day 10 Lower Dusy Basin to South Lake
Today we make our way from Horse Heaven to Deer Creek (9150'). 11 miles, + 3400 ft, -3900 ft.
Day 11 Deer Creek to Red’s Meadow
We start the trip back to the roadhead by ascending from Deer Creek to Red’s Meadow (11960'), we descend to our pickup point (7650'). Our trip concludes after celebratory drinks. 6.5 miles, + 200', -1800'