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The Mumbles, strung out along the shoreline at the southern end of Swansea Bay, has been Swansea's seaside retreat since 1807, when the Oystermouth Railway was opened. Built for transporting coal, the horse-drawn carriages were soon converted for paying customers, and the Mumbles train became the first passenger railway service in the world.

The name - which becomes a vowel-free zone in Welsh, Y Mwmbwls - is a legacy of French seamen who nicknamed the twin, rounded rocks at the tip of the headland Les Mamelles - 'the breasts'.

Newly fashionable in recent years, with gourmet restaurants vying for trade along the promenade, the Mumbles got a boost to its reputation when its most famous daughter, Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, built an around £2 million luxury mansion at Limeslade, on the south side of the peninsula.