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Ca Na/Vietnam

Introducing Ca Na

During the 16th century, princes of the Cham royal family would fish and hunt tigers, elephants and rhinoceros here. Today Ca Na (pronounced ‘kah nah’ – not like the site of the biblical booze-up) is better known for its white-sand beaches, which are dotted with huge granite boulders. The best of the beach is just off Hwy 1, a kilometre north of the fishing village. It’s a beautiful spot, but it’s tough to ignore the constant honking and rumble of trucks.

The terrain is studded with magnificent prickly-pear cacti. Bright yellow Lac Son, a small pagoda on the hillside, makes for an interesting but steep climb.

If you stay here, be aware that there are no banks or ATMs and absolutely no-one accepts credit cards or travellers cheques.

Ca Na Hotel is a small hotel with eight bungalows and a further 12 rooms in the ‘motel’ building. There is a slightly forlorn feel about the place due to a lack of regular guests.